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Your online resource for everyday Traditional Classic Wet Shaving Supplies, Straight Razors, Shaving Safety Razors, Shaving Brushes, Shaving Razor Blades, Shaving Creams & Shaving Soaps. Imported from Germany, England and some quality products here in the USA.


We are specialized dealers in mens shaving kits and accessories. We have a wide range of products to choose from. There are different types of shaving kits and accessories to suit your style. You can also place orders to get a specialized sample especially designed for you. Men have a specific need for shaving mugs and shaving bowls when they shave. We have a wide range of shave mugs and shave bowls or shaving dish available for our customers.

It is always good to have your own personalized shaving kit along with a shaving mug or a shaving bowl. Many men do have their shaving kits but they neglect on having their personalized shaving bowl. Shaving is supposed to be a regular routine for all men. It is just like brushing your teeth with your own toothbrush everyday. A personalized kit will also save the hassle of searching for a new mug or a new dish to use while shaving. Moreover, using things that are not disposable are very harmful. You are after all dealing with your body hygiene and it is essential to take good care and precautions when doing so. We have different shave bowls, shaving soap bowl, shaving soap mug of different sizes and shapes, which you can choose according to your usage.  

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Our classy stoneware shaving bowl is very neat and looks good. It has a shape of an inverted hat. It is very hollow and can hold enough water and form for your entire shave. It has a stone finish look and is available is different colors. Our new design of shaving mug is the porcelain apothecary shaving mug in white. If you are used to holding the shaving mug in your hand, this has a nice and sturdy knob to hold the shaving mug. The design is very neat and looks great. This too can hold enough quantity of water when shaving. The similar type of shave mug is available in jet black color.

We have different patterns and a collection of Colonel Conkís shaving mugs and shaving bowls. The different types of Colonel Conkís shaving mugs and shaving bowls are, Colonel Conk shaving mug with a painting of a deer on it. Similarly Colonel Conkís shaving mug with a picture of a bear on it. Colonel Conkís shaving mug with a painting of a ship on it. This is a slightly large size of a mug. Some Colonel Conk shaving mugs also have lids on them, you can cover the mug after using it or you can also cover the mug with the lid during use. The lids generally have the picture of Colonel Conk on them. 

The shave mug and shave bowl have different colors and designs. Men generally do not go for the pictures and designs on the mugs, but you can always have a good mug which you can use when shaving. These shaving accessories can also be used as excellent gifts for your friends. When choosing a gift for a man the choices are as it is very limited and when the time comes you really can not always decide what to buy. Every man does shave and you can be rest assured that your gift will never be neglected as he will use it every time when he shaves. 

The quality of our shaving mugs and shaving bowls are very good. They are all made of porcelain, stoneware or apothecary. They are washable and durable with good finish. Good style and excellent designs of our shaving mugs and shaving bowls are a plus point. If you want your entire shaving kit along with a shave bowl or shave mug included, matching the design of other accessories of the shaving kit, we can include the same for you. The other accessories that we have available are shaving safety razors, shaving brushes, safety razor blades, shaving creams, shaving soaps, shaving soap mug, after shave, antiseptic gel and cream, razor and shaving brush stand, etc. We also have exclusive shaving travel kits. These portable kits can be used when traveling and you will be amazed to see that a little kit will hold all your shaving accessories.

Shopping with us is very simple. You can shop online by visiting us at our website or you can also pay us a visit at our stores. We have shopping carts available for you where you can choose the product of your choice and purchase it later when you are done surveying all our products. We also live help available, if you have any queries or questions about a particular product all you have to do is pick up your phone and call us at our toll free number. You can shop online by using your internet banking or also your credit card. We try to make things simple for our customers and all our staff is extremely customer friendly and customer oriented. You will know the difference once you deal with us. If you have purchased a product from us, we make sure that the delivery of the purchased product is done on time and without any damage. You can always call us up or write to us if you have any complaints regarding the shipment or the product itself.

You will also be glad to know that we have heavy discounts running on most of our shaving bowls and shaving mugs. In fact most of our shaving accessories have discounted rates. You can enjoy these rates today. So why donít you take opportunity and place your orders now. Most of these discounts are only available until stock lasts. All products are branded and most are made in Germany, they are imported from Germany. You can register yourself today and join our mailing list. We send you a timely catalog and reminders of all upcoming and new products. You can always be updated with the new brands and new products that we offer to all our esteemed customers. Many customers have already taken advantage of the discounted rates; you too should hurry up and avail these fantastic discounts and offers.  

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