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Quite the step up from Badge shaving brushes is the “best” badger hair grade for its quality. These kinds of brushes are noticeably smooth and soft than pure shaving brushes, and also lighter in appearance. Almost all modern best badger shaving brushes are 3-band in appearance, but with a lighter color scheme. Best quality hair features with great “backbone”, a word used frequently with brushes to describe their resistance to splay. This characteristic describes in the brush’s ability to lather hard soaps quickly and with little pressure added, to increase the life of the brush. This, combined with significantly softer hair, makes best badger shaving brushes a highly desirable, middle-of-the-road shaving brush at a good reasonable price point. We recommend that for daily use of shaving brushes are as follows:

1. Beech Wood Best Badger Shaving Brush
2. Faux Ivory Silvertip Shaving Brush
3. Beech wood mixed badger shaving brush
4. Faux Ebony Best Badger Shaving Brush
5. Faux Ivory Best Badger Shaving Brush
6. Black Badger shaving brush
7. Dovo Pure Badger Shaving Brush – Olive Wood Handle

These pure exclusive badger brushes are from Dovo that represents the highest quality of pure badger hairs that ensuring the enjoyable shave without irritating your skin. Dovo badger shaving brushes are very popular in the shaving industry due to their integrity, performance and high artistry. The badger shaving brush is the best choice for your skin because these brushes hold the most water, retain the most heat, the most flexible which allows it to create the lather layer faster and usually the most expensive.

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