Get a Better, Smoother Shave with an Double Edge Razor Blades

There are many things to keep in mind when you start to use your razor. First of all, shave gently, letting the weight of the razor do most of the work. The goal is not to separate the beard in one stroke, but to reduce your beard with several passes of the blade (since there’s only one blade, it won’t irritate your skin). Secondly, it’s vital that you pay much careful attention to the various directions your beard grows on your face and neck and to shave with the grain.

After most of your beard is removed and you still want a closer shave, you can experiment with gently passing the razor across the direction of your beard. Finally, use your razor at the lower angle possible. This is usually about 30 degrees. Find this angle by placing the shaver perpendicularly on your skin, then slowly it until it will shave your beard.

With patience and a good. Double Edge Razor Blades or shaving soap, it could virtually eliminate pain, razor burns and ingrown hairs from your life. This is especially true if you use a good double edge razor blade to provide even more lubrication. The single, sharp blade usually only requires one or two passes for a close, smooth shave, while the weight of the razor means you have to use low pressure—all of which cuts down on irritation.

DOVO Straight Razors, High Quality and Affordable | BMVintageShaving

Dovo Straight razors are also a popular collectors item. Understanding what Dovo straight razors are made from, and how to right care for them, are crucial to their preservation for future collectors. The basic material for good straight razors are standard steels with a carbon  and greater and which attain a maximum of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear in a careful process of tempering and treatment. The advantage of stainless grades of steel is that these require low looking after.It took me a while to finally order one as I just didn’t see the point, but now I’m absolutely in love with the thing.  The reason I got it in the first place was because after several months of using a real straight with uneven results (most likely the result of using an uneven blade… caveat emptor when buying thin pieces of metal older than you are), I started to get the sneaking suspicion that I needed to buy either: a hone, a new razor, or the shavette.  As usual, I went the cheap route and it finally paid off.

Get a Better, Smoother Shaving Supplies

Grooming high-quality practices continue to be really of a mystery to many guys. Grooming ought not to be difficult. In reality, with the right men’s shaving products, you may be amazed at how clean it may be. To get an excellent shave you’ll need certain shaving products. Grooming and skin care can be intimidating topics for guys who have not had like a lot of training on the subject as most women have. It doesn’t need to be complicated even though –simply preserve some excellent Shaving Supplies and products around, in addition to your conventional shave products, and you will be ready.

Finding suitable first-class men’s shaving products without a problem is simple whilst you discover that one place that stores best the high-quality fine products. Men’s shaving products are especially well-known because loads of men shave and need to find that product that makes the entire process less complicated. It seems like masses of skincare and grooming products are available to guys nowadays and more are being introduced all the time. But how lots of them offer effective outcomes? And which ones are simply important to keep incredible-looking skin with a minimum amount of effort?


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Originally shaving cream is made with natural ingredients moisturizer. Shaving cream is the essential part of any perfect shave. Shaving cream is not just only grooming routine for men’s it is the go to product that helps make the shaving process easy and simple. The best men’s Shaving Cream is not only softened and lifts up whiskers, while providing a lubricated path for razors to follow. The right brand of shaving cream is not only OK but also your skin will feel smoother and calmer than ever before. BMvintage provides you a wide range of shaving creams products that collections are as below:

  • Derby menthol moisturizing super shave cream
  • Derby normal moisturizing super shave cream
  • Dovo shaving cream lavender
  • Dovo shaving cream mandoria
  • Dovo shaving cream mint
  • Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Shaving Cream
  • Dovo Shaving Cream With Eucalyptus Oil
  • Vulfix Lavender Shaving Cream
  • Vulfix Persian Musk Shaving Cream

BMvintageshaving is the right place for you where you can choose shaving cream from huge range of shaving products according to your skin. Here you cannot purchase best shaving cream only but also other products like shaving brush, shaving soaps, Straight razors, Merkur blades, and Aftershave etc. available products are in good quality because shaving cream is totally homemade and loaded with healthy ingredients according to all skin types. Better gliding ability on skin and easy to use modeling beards according to the men’s grooming routines.

Why Aftershave Products are important for Men’s – BMvintageshaving

. Aftershave is a liquid product applied to men’s skin after shaving.  It contains an antiseptic cream such as denatured alcohol, stearate citrate or witch hazel to prevent infection of any kind of cuts, as well as to act as an astringent to reduce skin irritation or infection. Some aftershaves use fragrance or essential oil to enhance the scent. The general purpose of aftershave is: completely clear out your pores of any bacteria that was hanging around from the razor blade shaving cream. When you are shaving, actually you are irritating your skin but aftershave helps in cooling down from that irritation

Since aftershave splashes are usually alcohol-based astringents, they often tighten and dry out the skin. If you’re prone to nicks and your skin tends to dry out after shaving, you’re best off going with a nice, hydrating aftershave because it is easy to use. If you have sensitive skin you can use gel-based aftershave. Because alcohol is good antiseptic, it will help you protect you from infections and cool your skin after shaving.

Although it is cool and soothing, it may not help to do away with the redness of a razor burn after shaving. There are two types of aftershaves are available first is alcohol based aftershaves and second is witch hazel toner aftershaves. Aftershaves are not used only for fragrance and aroma only the right aftershave offers so many tangible benefits for you skins like:

  • Razor burn
  • Acne and blemishes
  • Ingrown hair from cuts
  • Treating cuts and burns

Best choice for your skin with Badger shaving brushes – BMvintageshaving

Quite the step up from Badge shaving brushes is the “best” badger hair grade for its quality. These kinds of brushes are noticeably smooth and soft than pure shaving brushes, and also lighter in appearance. Almost all modern best badger shaving brushes are 3-band in appearance, but with a lighter color scheme. Best quality hair features with great “backbone”, a word used frequently with brushes to describe their resistance to splay. This characteristic describes in the brush’s ability to lather hard soaps quickly and with little pressure added, to increase the life of the brush. This, combined with significantly softer hair, makes best badger shaving brushes a highly desirable, middle-of-the-road shaving brush at a good reasonable price point. We recommend that for daily use of shaving brushes are as follows:

1. Beech Wood Best Badger Shaving Brush
2. Faux Ivory Silvertip Shaving Brush
3. Beech wood mixed badger shaving brush
4. Faux Ebony Best Badger Shaving Brush
5. Faux Ivory Best Badger Shaving Brush
6. Black Badger shaving brush
7. Dovo Pure Badger Shaving Brush – Olive Wood Handle

these pure exclusive badger brushes are from Dovo that represents the highest quality of pure badger hairs that ensuring the enjoyable shave without irritating your skin. Dovo badger shaving brushes are very popular in the shaving industry due to their integrity, performance and high artistry. The badger shaving brush is the best choice for your skin because these brushes hold the most water, retain the most heat, the most flexible which allows it to create the lather layer faster and usually the most expensive.


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