Get a Better, Smoother Shave with an Double Edge Razor Blades

There are many things to keep in mind when you start to use your razor. First of all, shave gently, letting the weight of the razor do most of the work. The goal is not to separate the beard in one stroke, but to reduce your beard with several passes of the blade (since there’s only one blade, it won’t irritate your skin). Secondly, it’s vital that you pay much careful attention to the various directions your beard grows on your face and neck and to shave with the grain.

After most of your beard is removed and you still want a closer shave, you can experiment with gently passing the razor across the direction of your beard. Finally, use your razor at the lower angle possible. This is usually about 30 degrees. Find this angle by placing the shaver perpendicularly on your skin, then slowly it until it will shave your beard.

With patience and a good. Double Edge Razor Blades or shaving soap, it could virtually eliminate pain, razor burns and ingrown hairs from your life. This is especially true if you use a good double edge razor blade to provide even more lubrication. The single, sharp blade usually only requires one or two passes for a close, smooth shave, while the weight of the razor means you have to use low pressure—all of which cuts down on irritation.

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