DOVO Straight Razors Travel Shave Set


DOVO Straight Razors Travel Shave Set


This shaving brush  is hand filled with the finest silver tip quality badger hair. Silver tip hair is the longest, softest, most rare and the most expensive badger hair. It has a silver white untrimmed hair ends to provide a really luxurious lather and feel to shave.

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DV 1140

High quality Full Hollow Ground Stainless Steel Blade, Olivewood Handle straight razor set comes in gray leather zipper case,

2 Two Dovo Razors 41 5875
1 Razor Strop 185 35001
1 Strop Paste
1 Shaving Brush 918 107 Olive Wood, Brush Hair: Meles Meles
1 Glass Soap Dish
1 Alum Block

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 01 × 10 in

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